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Information and manual

Flybusters is a fly killing concept, conceding from a safe anti-fly substance with an automatic and adjustable dispenser (day/night and intervals of 1-60 minutes). A powerfull and natural solution for eliminating annoying insects in the livingroom, bedroom, kitchen, caravans, tents, cages, doghouses et cetera. The substance 'Flybusters spray' is based on natural pyrethrum and is harmless to humans, animals and the enviroment. The dispenserset contains:
   1 dispenser
   3 refills  
   2 batteries
One refill should be enough for 4 months use in a space of ca. 80m2. The refills and the dispensers are also available seperately.
User instructions
Place the batteries and the Flybusters spray refill in the dispenser. Then set the frequenty and the interval of the digital timer on the dispenser. For advice on your specific situation you can contact Flybusters.
Place the dispenser at least 1.60 meters from the ground, so the substance can spread through the air optimally. For the best treatment windows and doors should be closed. After the treatment keep the room closed for 10 minutes and then ventilate thoroughly.
Attention: don't spray on furniture, objects or walls. Keep at least 60 cm distance.